This program would provide a comprehensive education for single fathers on the child support laws and regulations in their respective states. It would be designed to help single fathers understand their legal rights and obligations related to child support and would break down the program per state to ensure that the information provided is accurate, specific and practical.

Each session would be led by an expert in child support laws and regulations, such as a family law attorney or a government official, and would cover topics such as:

  • How child support is calculated in each state
  • How to modify a child support order
  • How to enforce a child support order
  • How to navigate the child support system in each state, including guidelines and forms.
  • How to handle difficult situations such as when the other parent is not paying
  • How to plan ahead and budget for child support payments
  • How to coordinate with government agencies and other legal experts
  • How to negotiate and come up with an agreement that is fair and just to both parents.

The program would also provide information about support services and resources available to help single fathers understand and meet their child support obligations, such as legal assistance or financial counseling. Additionally, the program would include a forum or a discussion where single fathers can share their experiences and ask questions from the experts. This program would give the community of single fathers a deeper understanding of child support laws and regulations, and help them make informed decisions to protect the best interest of their children.

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