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Step 1 on your journey: Recentering. This program is designed to provide you with the resources and support you need to maintain your mental and emotional well-being.

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Step 2 on your journey: Re-Establishing. This program is designed to provide single fathers with the resources and support they need to navigate the legal system and understand their rights as parents.


There are a variety of reasons why there may be fewer resources available for single fathers compared to single mothers. There is an entire population of men in the world who all have unique stories on how and why they became single fathers, whether it was forced upon them by family court or by their own choice. Here is a…

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Men’s rights activists (MRAs) have historically argued that the family court system is biased against men, and that it benefits from discrimination against men. Some of the key points that men’s rights activists have argued are that men are less likely to be awarded custody of their children in family court, are often ordered to pay higher child support than…

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It is important for single fathers to have an estate plan in place for their children because it ensures that the children’s well-being is taken care of in the event of the father’s death or incapacitation. An estate plan can help ensure that the children are provided for financially and have someone to take care of them if the father…

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As a single father, you may sometimes feel like you’re not doing enough for your children. You may feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising your children on your own, and worried that you’re not meeting their needs. It’s important to remember that being a single father is a challenging task and it is not uncommon to have these feelings.…

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It’s more painful than anyone can imagine, but we’re here to support.

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There is never any shame in recognizing when you don’t have all the answers.

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Child support is a major issue plaguing single fathers; Let’s figure it out together.

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You’re an experienced Single Father and you want to help others who are new to it.